Crazy Bulk D-Bal Review – a Safe, Legal Alternative to Dianabol

If There Is No Struggle There Is No Progress…

D-bal is a muscle gaining and strength agent that was manufactured by Crazy Bulk to help men and women that are looking to gain some serious muscle in the gym.

Its manufacturers claim that it is your perfect solution to unprecedented gains in size, strength, and confidence. It consists of a potent formula that the manufacturers say is not available in other products currently in the market.

It was being produced in the year 1950. And after passing from all of the clinical trials it came into the market in the year 1960. It was especially being formulated for the athletes and body builders.

The benefit to quite medicine for two weeks is that is to oppose the stacking of steroids such as testosterone. Through this way, we can avoid the side effect caused by D-Bal.

It contains the ingredients which are derivate of the testosterone. As it enhances the hormonal content therefore it strengthens the muscles and is being used by the boxers, athletes, cricketers and the body-builders.


  • It increase muscle strength and nourish them.
  • Muscle tissues become solid.
  • Increase overall stamina
  • Muscle growth get faster.
  • Muscle mass increases
  • Blood circulation to all parts of the body increase.
  • Burn fats.
  • Lean muscles builder.
  • Metabolism function increase.
  • Help in muscle recovery.
  • Help in concentration, drive and focus.
  • Strengthening agent
  • Can b bought without prescription

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How it works

The main feature of d-bal is to increase muscle strength and building. Other  muscle strength supplement increases performance and improves supply of oxygen but D-bal on the other hand increases not only muscle strength, building and the performance but  improve oxygen supply and other substances which helps in development of muscles like nitrogen which is essential for  functioning of muscles and growth of muscles in efficient manner. It also provides protein which is most important for the building block of muscle.

D-bal works very fast and its capsule from Crazy Bulk Dianabol, which delivers essential bodybuilding supplements and its formula, is likewise related to Methandrostenolone. It gives a boost to the body which instead increases retention of nitrogen inside muscle tissues. So because of that stimulate Protein synthesis which helps in maximize the size of muscles and mass.

How to use

You take seventy-five mg of D-bal per day; it is dose that is being recommended by the health care provider while the one table contains twenty-five mg of D-bal. So you have to take one tablet thrice a day.

You should have to take the medicine for at least 8 months, which make 2 months.  D-bal comes in a bottle that contain ninety pills, so it’s mean that one bottle last in a month. If you use them as it is being prescribed.


You should be careful regarding taking the tablet. You have to take the tablet thirty-forty minutes before you start your workout. Within this time period, the supplement starts performing their work properly.

Second thing, about which you should have to be careful, is that you must have to quite the medicines for about two weeks. After that you can resume the medicine, that how the cycle goes on.

Side Effect

As it is a steroid therefore it contains a high level of androgenic hormone. The side effects that’s mostly occurs include:

  • Enlargement of male breast termed to be Gynecomastia.
  • Excess of water retention.
  • Hepatotoxicity
  • Cardiotoxicity
  • Nephrotoxicity
  • Hypertension
  • Cholesterol inefficient level.
  • Acne
  • Aggressiveness
  • Alopecia
  • Oily skin.

The side effect like acne and below it can occur even at low dosage.

Customer reviews

The use of the D-Bal is being appreciated by the people. It is legal and safer drug. It provides the steroids like effect with very rare side effects. The other plus point is all of the ingredients present in the drug are pure and belongs from the natural origin.

It comes as a supplement rather than in injection or any other form. Its route of administration is quite feasible. In short it is the best medicines for muscle strengthen. It provides 100% results with fewer side effects. We are very much satisfied from the result of this medicine.

Final verdict

These kinds of supplements mimic steroid effects; therefore they produce specific kind of the side effect. But we can control the occurrences of the drastic side effects by following the precautionary measurement. We should take the medicines as prescribed by the health care provider. D-Bal is considered to be the best steroid in a crazy bulking stack.  It is being recommended by the physicians, and you can choose for yourself with the consultation of a doctor.

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