Biceps are Like Ornaments On a Christmas Tree…

For some, gaining weight is as difficult as losing weight for others. However, accumulation of fats in layers, is not actually what I would call weight gain! So what is the right approach to gain weight? What can be done to bulk in the most natural and safest manner possible? Well, the answer lies in consuming the right foods!

By this, one can simply turn the additional weight into muscles from your weight training! To help you with this purpose, I have prepared a list of foods that can help the ones who want to gain weight naturally, plus, these foods are also beneficial to improve their muscle mass quickly! Have a look to these:


I have seen people spending a lot for granola, but trust me; you can make them all on your own in the simplest manner possible. All you need to do is take seeds, whole grain cereals, nuts, dried fruits and the keep the mixture in an air-tight jar for a night. Now put the jar in fridge and use it as a breakfast the very next day! A healthy, low-cost breakfast ready to add calories in your body!


To amass weight, our body also needs oils and fats, apart from the calories-enriched foods. When it comes to fat, one can simply consider olive oil, for olive oil is the best source of monounsaturated fatty acid. Thus, olive oil can help you give additional calories, like the foods mentioned above! Besides olive oil, you can also consider canola oil, as it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids!


Well, this is a food that is extremely important to be highlighted in this regard. Pasta is a healthy food that is rich in calories and carbohydrates. Interestingly, you can simply take 220 calories by consuming a cup full of pasta! So, it is delicious food that is also healthy by all means. Besides this, if you are willing to add some more calories, give it a topping of shredded cheese. Personally, I would suggest my readers to get grain pasta to make the most from this healthy food!


Well this healthy fruit is vital enough to help you gain weight quickly and naturally! It includes vitamin K, potassium, fiber and a lot, lot more! Nonetheless, it is also a good source of monounsaturated fatty acids. Apart from its nutritional worth, a particular avocado can help you get 220 calories right away!


If you desire to gain weight, then you need to add the sources of complex carbohydrates in your diet! The best examples of these sources are bread, bagel and cereals. These are packed with calories needed to gain weight. Whole grain bread, as compared to white bread is far more beneficial in this regard.

Reason being, it is enriched with nutrients and fiber and above all, carbohydrates! Like whole grain bread, you can also consider bagel for your weight gain purpose. Bagel also includes complex carbohydrates and thus, a food you can always count to add in some pounds in your weight! Coming onto cereals, cereals are also rich in healthy calories. Even though, cereals are the top choice of health conscious people, yet these are also advised to people who want to amass weight! To add some more calories and taste to your cereals, you can add fruit slices as a topping!



Remember, all fruit juices are extremely vital for your health, if these are pure! I advise my users to take the natural form of fruit juices and say NO to high fructose corn syrupy juices.


The two foods will always make their place in the list of foods essential enough to help you gain weight. The reason is pretty simple as these are enriched with healthy calories and polyunsaturated fats for you to amass weight. For this purpose sunflower/pumpkin seeds, flax, almonds and cashews are an ideal choice!


Well, this is an essential food that is extremely important to mention when it comes to gaining muscle and weight! Even though, considering fresh fruits, these tend to have less volume content, yet, are enriched with healthy calories needed to gain muscle and weight!


You can get protein bars from any grocery store. These are a good source to provide you with energy and amass weight in the most natural manner!

So these were the vital foods I found worth listing for you to increase weight to the point you feel is good enough! However, if you really want to improve your muscle mass, then I would suggest you to consider legal anabolic steroids.  These are the best mean to improve stamina and muscle mass speedily. Intended to mimic the effects of steroids, these supplements can help you achieve your goal, safely and naturally!

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