NiacinMax Review

Experience superlative performance with NiacinMax which will give you the energy boost up and sheer concentration to your workout sessions.

Sport supplements that increase one’s stamina and energy especially the ones taken before a workout session are available in wide variety in the market.

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Each of them offer a different perspective to work-out sessions and stamina build up but each one of them are to be used in different ways.

Some come up in powder form that you have to take with some fluid or mix with juice, water, milk or any drink while others come up in the form of pills and capsules.

Then there are some pills that fulfill their promises and some that fall short of what they convey to the consumers.

NiacinMax has come up in the market with a very different form and working strategy and changed the game for so many sports supplement that were already there competing.

It is suggested by a number of physicians and sports experts because of its advanced strategy in helping a body build up its energy stores and easiness in its usage.

Ordinary supplements offer very less advantages to their consumers because they are either in the form of liquids, powders or pills. They have a poor bioavailability rate. Bioavailability of a substance means the availability of that substance to the body.

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Since, these form of supplements first have to be digested, there is a chance of some important nutrients getting destroyed by the stomach’s acid and thus, they never reach your bloodstream. And that is why the chance of those supplements providing you benefits also gets very low.

Plus Point:

NiaciMax is thus not an ordinary sports supplement, it comes up in the form of dissolvable strips and that makes the idea of sport supplements entirely different. It thus does not take in the involvement of digestive system for it to benefit the body.

With the dissolvable strip, you just have to keep it under your tongue and 75mg of niacin that in contains reaches directly to your bloodstream without getting a bit of it wasted.

Also, the amount of niacin that NiacinMax contains is bio-structured with the help of liposomes and thus there is no chance of any of the bit of niacin getting wasted till it reaches the cells where it is fully utilized and where it benefits your body.

Therefore, the highly protected and targeted delivery of niacin in such a way provides a higher bioavailability of niacin to the body which is found in no other supplement and that also means you get the exact amount of niacin i.e. 75mg through NiacinMax.

Minus Point:

NiacinMax in compatible for usage by any athlete or sportsperson but you must first consult a doctor or your physician in order to get maximum of the benefits. NiacinMax is a vitamin and that has minimum chances of causing any side effects but if you are breastfeeding or pregnant, or suffering from any other medical condition, you might harm other organs of your body if you do not take precautions. So, in such conditions we strongly recommend you to not take NiacinMax.

This is why these pills have become outdated and there was a sheer need of developing something new that would get to reach bloodstream in the quickest way possible.

What are the promised benefits of NiacinMax?

Niacinmax is an advanced sports supplement specialized in providing an energy boost to its consumer so that he/she achieves the maximum level of physical performance. It also helps the individual to break all the barriers which hinder him/her in achieving peak physical performance.

Sports is where a single poor move can turn the tables and make you among losers from winners. So, in such a risky atmosphere, you have to take care of your physical and mental performance and that is what NiacinMax makes it possible for the person.

Highlighted Benefits of NiacinMax:

Along with this benefit, NiacinMax improves a person’s performance in other dimensions and those benefits are given below:

  • Increased oxygen supply: Oxygen is the main nutrient that is valuable in providing energy to the body. NiacinMax improves the circulation of Oxygen up to the level of 50% by improving the flow of blood, protecting the cells from oxidative damage (increased oxygen supply) and increasing the amount of red blood cells. This enables you to work at the peak of your physical and mental ability and thus, that enhances your performance.
  • High levels of Human Growth Hormone: This hormone has a very crucial effect on the growth of muscles and recovery of them from a workout session. NiacinMax works on this hormone by supercharging its production upto 600% and thus, it helps the muscle growth and helps you get back to your normal state after training.
  • Provides a fit and healthy body status: When you have a long session of training (that happens mostly in sports), you have more chances of developing injured tissues and muscles cramps. NiacinMax’s effect on HGH makes it able to rehabilitate the sore muscles and makes it possible for a muscle to receive minimum chances of injury to either muscles or tissues. Also, the lipolysis is increased to many folds that reduces the body fats and makes a person fit and healthy. It also enhances the regeneration of body cells.
  • Improves performance and concentration: NiacinMax increases the amount of oxygen in the blood and that also makes it able to increase the blood flow in the head region so that the brain receives efficient amount of oxygen. Increased amount of oxygen delivery in the brain increases your concentration and focus levels that make you attentive as well as better in decision making.
  • Increases Erythropoietin level (EPO): The hormone that stimulates the production of red blood cells in the body is Erythropoietin. Niacin is a natural erythropoietin stimulating agent that increases the level of EPO in the body and makes it able for the body to benefit from the new red blood cells in transporting oxygen throughout the body than those cells that have gotten older.

How does NiacinMax work?

As already mentioned, NiacinMax benefits the body in the form of dissolvable mouth strips. That shows how quickly it works and directly benefits the cells of the body.

Other supplements come in the form of powder, pills or liquids that have a long way to reach to the cells where they have to work. They first have to go through the digestive system, then to the blood stream and finally to the cells.

Through this route, there is a chance of maximum of its nutrients getting wasted. It happens because the acid of the stomach destroys the pills, powder or liquids and there is a chance of 90% of such substances getting wasted.

NiacinMax directly supplies its nutrients to the blood stream with the help of dissolvable strips. All you have to do is keep those strips on your tongue and then you will see the magic of them dissolving in a few seconds.

The dissolved strip through your mucosal tissues in your mouth reach the bloodstream in a few minutes to your bloodstream and through blood stream reach to the cells where they work to provide benefits.

Also, other supplements have a chance of destroying your stomach lining and upsetting your digestive processes while NiacinMax is void of such acts and thus by directly reaching to the bloodstream, it causes no side effects to the individual using it.

What is different in NiacinMax as compared to other supplements?

There are a variety of niacin supplements available in the market that are cheaper and also come up with more quantity of niacin. Whereas each niacin strip contains 75mg of niacin and all the other niacin supplements provide about 100mg of niacin.

That does not mean that those tablets, pills, powders or liquids are better and are more powerful than NiacinMax. The story is opposite.

As we have mentioned earlier, those all supplements have to compensate higher dosage of niacin in order to supply sufficient amount of niacin to the body cells.

They apply a trick of attracting people by telling that their supplement will provide more amount of niacin to the body cells but the story is very different.

At the end, your body receives very less amount of niacin as compared to the amount mentioned on the bottle of that supplement.

NiacinMax thus contains lesser amount of niacin but the efficient delivery system that it comes up with makes it able to supply the same amount of niacin as one strip of NiacinMax contains without getting wasted by supplying it directly to the bloodstream through mouth.

NiacinMax is a scientifically and clinically approved supplement:

The formula of NiacinMax is created by a prominent European biosceintists who had a point that the delivery system of niacin should be highly targeted and protected so that no amount of it gets wasted while traveling to the bloodstream and from there to cells.

It took experiments and sheer efforts in about 9 labs and by 40 scientists that yielded in the emergence of NiacinMax.

  • NiacinMax was produced in the state of art facilities which utilized first-class manufacturing strategies approved by CE.
  • Nutraceuticals and Cosmeceuticals of high degree contributed their skills and knowledge and manufactured NiacinMax with 100% pure pharmaceutical grade materials.
  • The product is safe and efficient in its working because it has been tested in different private clinics on about 100 different people.

How to take NiacinMax?

Each NiacinMax strip provides a supply of 75mg of niacin. Special instructions of using NiacinMax are:

  • Place the strip under your tongue.
  • It dissolves in your mouth in about a few seconds reaching directly to your bloodstream.
  • Take NiacinMax, one strip, per day.
  • Take it in the morning with your empty stomach.
  • You will be benefitted maximum with it if you work for 3 to 5 hours after taking its dosage.
  • You can get more of its benefits if you take a second dosage of it 3 to 4 hours before you go to bed for sleeping.
  • This is recommended only when you have to go through training sessions five times a week.
  • You can continue taking NiacinMax even during the days you are not training and resting. It will continue benefitting your body by increasing the amount of HGH and will continue repairing your tissues and strengthen up your muscles.

Buy it with money back guarantee:

The updated NiacinMax strips and its efficient effect on the body comes up with risk free dealing.

You will be finding better results of NiacinMax than any other niacin containing supplements providing you the amount of 75mg exact with its every dosage.

However, if you are not satisfied with the product, you will have the choice of getting all of your money back in 67 days of buying it.

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